Configuring Your E-mail

To ensure receipt of our replies please add to your email anti-spam white or filter list.

You may also use these instructions in an effort to configure other email programs as well. Many of these programs are similar in terminology and configuration.

It's important to note that PC Pandora is a retail monitoring program. It is typically purchased by users to monitor children's online activities in the household. It is not a virus or mysterious spyware installed by remote hackers. To install PC Pandora you have to agree to the terms of the license agreement and install only on a computer you have permission to install to. You can read the full EULA text HERE.

Yahoo Mail New
Yahoo Mail Classic

PRODUCT: Yahoo Mail New
  • Open Yahoo Mail
  • Click Options
  • Click Mail Options
  • Click Filters at the left
  • Click the Add Filter button toward the top center
  • Enter in the Filter Name
  • Enter in the Sender Contains: field
  • Choose Inbox in the Move To Folder list box
  • Click Save Changes

PRODUCT: Yahoo Mail Classic
  • Open Yahoo Mail
  • Click Options
  • Click Filters
  • Click the Add button
  • Enter in the Filter Name
  • Enter in the From header: containts field
  • Choose Inbox in the Then Move Message to list box
  • Click Add Filter to save your changes
yahoo screenshot

PRODUCT: Hotmail
  • Open Hotmail
  • Click Options at the top right
  • Under Junk e-mail click Safe and blocked senders
  • Click Safe Senders
  • In the Sender or domain to mark as safe: field enter
  • Click Add to list
  • Then return to your inbox

  • Open GMAIL
  • Click the Settings/Options graphic at the top right (small gear icon)
  • Click Filters
  • Click Create New Filter
  • Enter in the From: field
  • Click Next Step
  • Check the box Never Send It To Spam
  • Check the box Always Mark It As Important
  • Click Create Filter