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You may not want anybody to know you purchased PC Pandora, especially if you are planning to run it in Stealth mode. Your credit card will show a payment from Click Bank, a processor for thousands of online stores, so there is no way to link it back to any one particular product.

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PC Pandora includes 100% free product support Pandora Corp offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with each product 100% guaranteed secure shopping

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If you already have a PC Pandora Registration Key and you only wish to subscribe to the LIVE! service CLICK HERE.

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This is our most affordable package. This package gives you instant download access to PC Pandora software, Registration Key and one year of free customer support.
Limited time offer: Use the same key to activate PC Pandora software on a second computer and pay no additional fee!
The price of this package is $109.95 $69.95
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Pandora PowerPack combines three powerful software products on 1GB USB jump drive
  • Pandora Mobile Recovery, which allows recovery of deleted files and folders and retails for $50,
  • Data Recycler, which allows true and permanent deletion of deleted files and retails for $100, and
  • PC Pandora with a registration key that can be used to monitor FOUR different computers
You still get the instant download access and two years of free customer support. The combined value of products in this package is over $350 and the price of the package is only $149.95 $99.95
(What is LIVE!?)
LIVE! service allows you to access the data and review and adjust the PC Pandora settings remotely with near real-time response. Try it risk free for fourteen (14) days. $29.97/month thereafter.

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