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December 29, 2009

Pandora Corp. Tells Parents: In 2010 You Must Know What Your Child Is Doing On The Internet

"A new PC is a big gift for them and a big responsibility for you. It's imperative that you make a New Year's resolution to monitor and know how your child is using that computer..."

Bronx, NY (PRWEB) December 29, 2009 -- Experts all agree computers should be kept in high-traffic areas of the house, in rooms like the kitchen or family room; most have agreed that letting a teenager have his or her own computer in the bedroom is not a good idea. But times have changed. Today, most families have more than one computer. And with the amount of school work requiring a computer - and in many cases an internet connection - and pressure mounting from peers to be socially active online, teens having their own Internet connection is an unavoidable reality.


December 16, 2009

Federal Courts Rule Schools May Not Punish Cyberbullies;
PC Pandora Says Parents Remain Key to Solving Problem

"The bottom line here is that parents are on their own, and we can't afford to wait for the government to come up with a solution. Parents need the tools to fight cyberbullying without the help of schools or the courts. PC Pandora is that tool."

San Marcos CA (PRWEB) December 16, 2009 -- According to a recent article in the LA Times, student free speech is an age-old issue for schools. But as teenagers' lives move more into cyberspace, bullying has a new breeding ground - and insults that may have once been somewhat private can now be disseminated to the masses with the click of a button. This is uncharted territory for school officials, who now find themselves dealing with e-mails, instant messages, profile pages, videos and other tactics that may result in hurt feelings or something more serious.


September 14, 2009

President Obama Warns Kids about Posting on Facebook;
PC Pandora Warns Parents about the Dangers of Not Monitoring Their Children's Internet Activity

"The reality is that parents should be concerned with everything their child does online. Whether it's Facebook or MySpace, instant messenger or Twitter, peer-to-peer sharing or just innocent surfing, parents need to be involved. There is no excuse for not knowing all aspects of what your child is doing on the Internet."

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 14, 2009 -- Last week, president Obama met with 32 ninth graders at Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA, for a question-and-answer session. The discussion eventually led to the President's caution about being too open on social networks. Pandora Corp., makers of PC Pandora computer monitoring software, is giving advice similar to President Obama's to parents across the country.


September 1, 2009

PC Pandora Heads "Back to School"with Internet Safety
and PD Pandora

"Right now is the perfect time for educators to get parents together and put this issue on the table. Not only do kids have an excuse to be on the computer all the time again - for schoolwork - but we are going to see a new wave of children using the internet for the first time."

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 1, 2009 -- It's September and that means back to school for kids across the country. And with Internet safety and cyberbullying at the top of the list of today's parenting concerns, Pandora Corp., makers of PC Pandora computer monitoring software, is encouraging parents to head 'back to school' with their kids and educate themselves on Internet safety. The PD Pandora Internet Safety Symposium is a free tool and fundraising vehicle available to educators, law enforcement, child welfare organizations, community leaders and parents...


August 11, 2009

Pandora Corp. Announces Launch of PD Pandora

"Education is really the first step; an educated community is a strong one. We are thrilled to be able to offer this resource to communities and organizations that need help."

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 11, 2009 -- Read any newspaper, magazine or blog and it's no secret that Internet safety is at the top of today's list of parenting concerns. With seemingly no restrictions, we let our children use a machine that connects them to the entire world - and, more importantly, connects the entire world to them! Pandora Corp. makers of PC Pandora computer monitoring software, in association with nationally recognized child advocate, Maureen Flatley, have created a comprehensive Internet safety symposium, available to anyone looking for or in need of materials to educate parents and discuss online safety in their local community.


July 27, 2009

The Biggest Threat on the Digital Playground: Cyberbullying

"Too many parents have the Internet safety talk with their children, and then turn away. But the bullying problem isn't going to go away until the parents of the bullies know what their child is doing online, know how they are treating others, and care enough to do something about it."

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 27, 2009 -- Note to parents: "Cyberbullying is real and it's here to stay - until you do something about it!" That is the message Pandora Corp., makers of PC Pandora computer monitoring software, wants you to hear loud and clear, as the mid-summer blues hit and your kids spend more time online. Parents need to know what their kids are doing online and how they are interacting in the digital world. Knowledge comes from monitoring computer and internet activity with programs like PC Pandora.


June 11, 2009

Parents: Know What Your Kids Do on the Internet This Summer

"That's the main reason we implemented the IRIS feature in our PC Pandora monitoring software. We know parents can't be over the shoulder all the time; but at the same time, it's crucial that they know what their child is doing..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2009 -- The summer months are here and that means kids will be spending more time on the family computers. It also means that the chances of something happening to your kids increases. But with parents busier than ever doing whatever then can to make ends meet, they aren't always there to make sure their kids are using the internet safely.


May 26, 2009

Safe Summer Surfing Made Easier with PC Pandora Monitoring Software

"We want parents to have the security of knowing their kids are staying safe online all summer, no matter where the parent is or has to be. Monitoring software is a valuable tool that provides that security through full knowledge of activity. There's no reason not to know how your kids are interacting in today's Internet-oriented world."

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 26, 2009 -- Summer is officially in swing, and as those final school bells ring, parents are sure to see an increase in time spent online by their kids - especially during the day when parents are at work. A new upgrade to PC Pandora computer monitoring software makes it even easier for parents to keep their kids playing safe all day long in the digital sandbox.


February 21, 2009

"Sexting": The Newest Reason for Parents to Monitor Computer Activity

"Parents need to be aware of how their kids are using the technology they are placing in their hands. It's as simple as that."

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 21, 2009 -- The newest shock to hit the parental system is the recent discovery of a new teenage trend. "Sexting" is the term used to describe the act of teenagers sending naked photos of themselves to significant others, friends, and sometimes casual acquaintances, via cell phone text messaging. These messages are sent, received and forwarded on a daily basis across the nation, and parents are just now finding out.


January 7, 2009

Pandora Corp. Gives Over 70,000 PCs the Gift of Security for the Holidays

"We are thrilled with the results. Not only are we excited and proud to be able to help so many families, but the numbers show that online safety is clearly a top priority for a lot of parents."

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 7, 2009 -- From Christmas through New Year's Day, Pandora Corp. gave its signature computer monitoring software, PC Pandora, away for free. Parents were encouraged to visit www.pcpandora.com and get a free copy; the end result: 35,977 requests made and over 70,000 licenses were given away! But Pandora Corp. feels the numbers are still not as high as they should be, and is aiming to change that in 2009.


December 30, 2008

Pandora Corp.'s Holiday Giveaway Has Successful Start

"We've had a fantastic response. Our Pandora's Blog has become a good sounding board and a way for people to contact us with questions. Parents seem truly excited and the overall feedback has been great across the web."

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 30, 2008) -In the spirit of giving, Pandora Corp. played "Santa" this year by offering free copies of their signature computer monitoring software, PC Pandora.

Starting at 12:01 AM on December 25th, parents were invited to visit www.pcpandora.com and get a free copy of what is considered by many to be one of the best tools a 21st century parent can use.


December 22, 2008

Pandora Corp. Announces PC Pandora Free Holiday Giveaway

"Internet safety can't be put on the back burner, so we're going to give our software away now when many people are telling us that they simply can't afford discretionary spending... We want parents to see how incredibly efficient our program is and what a powerful tool it can be in 21st century parenting."

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 22, 2008 -- Most people will tell you that nothing in life is free. "Everything has a price," as the saying goes. But for the holidays, Pandora Corp. is changing the rules. Beginning at 12:01 AM on December 25th, and through New Years Day, the company will be giving away its signature computer monitoring software, PC Pandora, absolutely free.


December 17, 2008

Pandora Corp. Releases Important Update for PC Pandora Computer Monitoring Software

"We continuously upgrade and adapt our software to make sure we are constantly meeting the needs of the parents. Because Facebook has risen so rapidly as one of the most popular social networking sites, we added a feature that monitors Facebook's instant messenger program."

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 17, 2008 -- Pandora Corp. has released an upgrade to their flagship software, PC Pandora 5.2 computer monitoring software, which includes upgrades in technical support, as well as one essential feature for parents: Facebook Messenger monitoring.


October 15, 2008

Computer Monitoring Software and Data Recovery Tools:
Two Valuable Resources for Cyber Security Awareness Month

"When you toss potential illegal activity into the mix along with being active on social networks where predators can lurk, giving out too much personal information, and the rising trend in vicious cyberbullying tactics, you have even more reason to be monitoring Internet activity of your children with software like our PC Pandora..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 15, 2008 -- The big tech news across the board for October is the celebration of Cyber Security Awareness Month. More so a reminder than a celebration, PC owners everywhere are encouraged once again to check up on their antivirus and Internet protections, and firewall and password strengths. They are reminded to take active steps to avoid falling victim to identity theft, phishing scams and cyber attacks. In the past year, the issue of child safety - and consequently security - on the Internet has become a big topic, especially when it comes to teaching kids how to navigate the web safely and not to give out too much personal information. Pandora Corp. makers of PC Pandora monitoring software and the Pandora Recovery tool is adding extra emphasis on two key security areas this month: the ability to track harmful changes to your home computer and recover lost data, and the knowledge that your children are safe when they go online.


August 21, 2008

Online Safety Goes Back-to-School

"Make sure you set up a schedule for computer time and rules for proper usage. If they are supposed to be doing schoolwork, make sure they are doing school work, and explain to them why it's important to focus on the task at hand."

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 21, 2008 -- It's August and that means students are headed back to classrooms across the country. While some kids may have found more time to surf idly online during the summer, the school year gives them an excuse to be online even more. Parents will have no choice but to allow their kids to be on the computer, as many teachers now post homework online, encourage online research and require properly typed homework. But unsupervised time can quickly turn to mischief...


August 7, 2008

Monitoring Computer Activity: A Personal Safeguard

"Monitoring software would effectively let you go back in time on your machine and replay everything that happened. If that means getting confirmation numbers you forgot to write down or safely finding a website that corrupted your machine, everything will be there."

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 7, 2008 -- Today, PC security is an issue that touches almost every aspect of everyday life. Just as it is essential to safeguard kids from potential Internet dangers, it's also essential to keep your PC safe from virus attacks, hackers, and perhaps even more importantly, those everyday mistakes and bugs that can result in the frustration of lost hours of work or irreplaceable family memories. Parental control software is the best answer for parents looking to keep their kids safe online. But PC monitoring software can also perform a valuable function in any home - even one without kids - by keeping an exact record of everything you do on your PC.


July 16, 2008

Cyberbullying: The Real Threat on the Digital Playground

"Parents are the key to this whole issue. They need to be involved and monitoring the computer and Internet activity of their kids. If they see something that isn't right, they need to act as parents and correct the issue."

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 16, 2008 -- While reports and stories in the media focusing on Internet predators have become all too frequent, the closer-to-home threat to our children may really be cyberbullying, also known as electronic or online bullying. A recent survey of 395 students (11 to 19 years old) found that 28% of students have been cyberbullied, and more than 1 in 7 admitted to acting as the bully. "Cyberbullying could be the biggest online threat facing teens today," says James Leasure, co-founder of Pandora Corp. "Of course Internet predators do still exist, but statistically, kids have a much greater chance of being involved in some way with electronic bullying."


July 3, 2008

Monitoring Child Online Activity: A "Necessary Evil" of 21st Century Parenting

"Parents are supposed to be the responsible caretakers of the house. They need to set and enforce rules, but also use personal rules and keep themselves in check. You don't need to know who has a crush on whom in class or other random sordid teenage details. But you do need to know if your child is being bullied or talking to someone online with a suspicious screen name."

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 3, 2008 -- Online safety is a top family priority and concern today. And although parents seem to get the message that monitoring Internet activity of their children is essential, few seem to put it into physical practice. Manuel Coats, Co-Founder of Pandora Corp. says there's a bad stigma associated with parents playing big brother. "Unfortunately, parents have a fear of invading their child's privacy," explains Coats. "I consider this to be irrational, and a poorly associated stigma. Parent job number one is to protect your child. How can you do that if you don't know what they are doing, where they are going or who they associate with?"


June 26, 2008

Do You Know What Happens on Your PC When You are Not at Home?

"PC Pandora will effectively give parents a full visual and documented recording of everything that happens. They'll be able to fix problems quickly, and hold their children accountable for their online activity."

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 26, 2008 -- Security of the home computer continues to be a hot and important issue for families. But one aspect of security that is frequently and easily overlooked is the ability to track harmful changes and recover lost data. The summer months are here and that means kids will be spending more time on the family computers. It also means that the chances of something happening to those machines increases. There is also the case of illegal activity being performed on a family PC. Whether it's downloading pirated music and movies, or even inappropriate and illegal photos of underage peers, the computer's owner is the one who will answer to authorities.


June 11, 2008

PC Pandora is The Parent's Key to Safe Summer Surfing

"Obviously, for the working parent, our IRIS email report feature is a totally indispensable tool... IRIS allows the parent to completely monitor the child's online behavior while at work or otherwise away from the home. Our excellent monitoring features, combined with reports delivered via email, are undeniably the best way to ensure your children are staying out of trouble online during the long, long summer vacation."

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2008 -- Summer vacation used to mean a break from the classrooms and lots of time outside with the neighborhood gang. But with the rise of the Internet, social networking in particular, kids today never really lose touch with any of their classmates during the summer months. Spending hours of their time on the Internet already, parents are sure to see a noticeable increase in their kids' online activity in the hot, hazy and humid months to come.

So what can parents do to make sure their child is staying safe online this summer?


June 4, 2008

PC Pandora Recognizes National Internet Safety Month,
June 2008

"Monitoring computer activity is essential for 21st century parents. Children are still learning about the world. Part of growing up encompasses learning who to trust and how to act within society. Putting a massive global communication tool like the Internet at their fingertips, before they've learned about the dangers, and not monitoring activity can be a recipe for disaster."

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 4, 2008 -- Internet safety is on the minds of a lot of parents these days. For many, however, it never seems to be near the front.

"We've found that a lot of people casually think about it or feel their normal routine is safe enough," says Pandora Corp. co-founder Manuel Coats.
"Unfortunately, for many, it'll take a giant shocking jolt to get them to realize the severity of the situation."

That's a jolt that parents cannot afford to wait for. Despite the lack of headlines and increased awareness for the 2008 National Internet Safety Month (June), Pandora Corp., makers of PC Pandora computer monitoring software, are actively urging parents to take the time to talk to their young internet surfers this month.


May 15, 2008

PC Pandora Advises Parents to Increase Internet Safety at Home this Summer, Despite Social Network Pledges

"...The reality is that parents should be concerned with everything their child does online... There is no excuse for not knowing... Technology and monitoring software like PC Pandora plays a critical role in obtaining that knowledge. It allows you to be an effective 21st century parent by eliminating the guesswork..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 15, 2008 -- Last week, the popular social networking site Facebook signed a commitment with 49 state Attorneys General (and the District of Columbia), promising to take proactive steps in strengthening the protection offered to younger users, specifically against sexual predators and inappropriate content littering the site. But while many applaud and recognize the effort as a positive step forward, one company wants to remind parents that this is only the first step down a long road.


February 18, 2008

Pandora Corp. Releases PC Pandora 5.0

"... Parents know that kids are savvy enough to bypass most Internet filters and controls. That's why we feel that being able to see what your kids are doing is just as important as setting up roadblocks and restricting access. If you can see what they are doing, you can talk to them about it and keep them in check ..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 18, 2008 -- Pandora Corp. announced today the official release of PC Pandora Version 5.0, the latest revision of their signature software. New, improved monitoring capabilities come at a time when parents are being barraged with horror stories of young Internet behavior and are looking for a solution to keep their kids safe online...And while local law enforcement executes sting operations and state legislatures rush to put better laws in place to ensure safe surfing, experts agree the best defense is a good offense - at home. Pandora Corp. has pledged to give parents the help they need.


January 18, 2008

PC Pandora Urges Parents to Increase Online Safety in the Home

"... The reality is that parents should be concerned with everything their child does online... There is no excuse for not knowing what your child is doing - where they are going and whom they are talking to online. Technology and software like PC Pandora can play a vital role in obtaining that knowledge ..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 18, 2008 -- Earlier this week, the popular social networking site MySpace signed an agreement with 49 state Attorneys General to take proactive steps in strengthening the protection offered to younger users, specifically against unidentified sexual predators using the site. But while many applaud and recognize the effort as a giant step forward, one company wants to remind parents that this is only one step down a long road.


November 28, 2007

Holiday Gifts Can Open Pandora's Box: PC Pandora Reminds Parents To Protect Their Child's New PC

"... As you get ready to give them the 'big gift' this year, make sure it is outfitted with the proper parental control software, such as our latest PC Pandora release, version 5.0 ..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 28, 2007 -- Many experts warn against giving teenagers their own computer, but 'tis the season to give and make young wishes come true. PC Pandora reminds parents to safeguard the new computers in the house and be smart when giving teens their own PC. It's important to adopt and enforce a new set of rules...


September 18, 2007

PC Pandora Helps Schools in 12 States Keep Their Students SAFE

"... We're very excited to make PC Pandora available to schools across the country -- at no cost to them," states Co-founder of Pandora Corp., James Leasure. "We're hoping that this first round of donations is just the start ..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 18, 2007 -- As part of Pandora Corp's SAFE SCHOOLS initiative, $287,500 worth of PC Pandora Internet safety and monitoring software has been donated to 14 schools/ districts in 12 states across the US. These donations are only the first round to go out...


August 30, 2007

PC Pandora's Safe Schools Program Keeps Students Safe Online

"... Pandora Corp. is donating thousands of dollars of its signature PC Pandora software to school districts across the country. The software will help schools keep their students safe from online predators, halt potential cyberbullying, and keep the school machines free of illegal file sharing. Every school in the country is entitled to a donation; they just need to ask for it ..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 30, 2007 -- It's official: school is back in session. Once again, there is a need to keep our nation's kids safe from online threats in two places: home and school. And with computers in every school - if not every classroom - in the country, students constantly find the opportunity to utilize and surf the Internet. Even with mandatory Internet safety courses and curriculum in place, the problems of outside sexual predators, cyberbullying between peers, and illegal file sharing persist. Recognizing the need to keep students safe, while working within the limited budgets of school districts in the US, Pandora Corp. created PC Pandora's SAFE SCHOOLS program.


July 30, 2007

PC Pandora Announces Safe Schools Program

"... By offering software to schools, we hope to widen the impact and availability of PC Pandora, while at the same time giving educators a great way to help keep students safe online during -and even after- school hours ..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 30, 2007 -- PC Pandora's Safe Schools program pledges to donate $100,000 worth of free software to every school district in the country. The software will help schools keep their students safe from online predators and cyberbullying, and keep their school machines safe from illegal file sharing. Schools need only ask for it... Despite mandatory Internet safety courses and curriculum, the problems of outside sexual predators, cyberbullying between peers, and illegal file sharing still runs rampant.


June 13, 2007

PC Pandora Recognizes National Internet Safety Month

"... Now more-so-than-ever, parents are the first and last line of defense against sexual predators that may be targeting their kids online. Parents need to educate themselves on all things Internet... You should recognize and have a familiar sense of everything your child does online ..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 13, 2007 -- Online safety is all over the news. From Internet sting operations, to publicity stunts (Ms. America and Mr. Walsh), to parental warnings, it seems that the message is finally sinking in. Congress has recognized June as National Internet Safety Month, and PC Pandora is reminding parents to educate themselves, talk with their kids and protect their families from online predators.


June 1, 2007

For National Internet Safety Month, PC Pandora Reminds Parents: Educate, Discuss, Protect

"... When kids are out of school, they spend more time online. Obviously summer is going to see a spike in child Internet usage, much of which will be unsupervised... But we're also going to see a spike in persistence of online predators ..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 31, 2007 -- A national poll released this week from the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital found that adults ranked Internet safety as the No. 7 most important teen health topic. The poll asked adults to rank 17 health problems for children; other top ranking concerns were smoking, drug abuse and obesity. Congress has declared June as National Internet Safety Month (S. Res 205) for the third year in a row. The timing couldn't be better.


May 17, 2007

Are Kids Protected from Online Predators?

"... As summer approaches, kids on vacation will spend much more time unsupervised, and much more time online... and so will sexual predators. Now more-so-than-ever, parents are the first and last line of defense against sexual predators that may be targeting their kids online ..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 17, 2007 -- While MySpace decides how to handle the known sexual predators with accounts on its site, pcpandora.com reminds parents that they are the first and last line of defense against online predators while children surf online this summer.


April 16, 2007

18 Tips to Safe Surfing on the Net

"... In response to recent national and local headlines concerning child online safety, PCPandora.com launches "18 Tips to Safe Surfing" and Pandora's Blog. Both serve as resources to parents looking for ideas and effective ways to keep their kids safe on the Internet. ..."

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 16, 2007 -- In response to recent national and local headlines concerning child online safety, PCPandora.com launches "18 Tips to Safe Surfing" and Pandora's Blog. Both serve as resources to parents looking for ideas and effective ways to keep their kids safe on the Internet.


March 23, 2007

Protect Your Children: Take Back Control of Online Activites

"... The court ruled specifically that parents need to step up and take responsibility for their children's online activity. This can be a huge burden, especially with record numbers of households where both parents work and children are often unsupervised after school ..."

The recent blocking of 1998's Child Online Protection Act shifts 100% of the responsibility and accountability for minors to their parents and guardians. It is now easier for young Internet users to encounter potentially dangerous web content and those who are within. Parents need reliable tools and the right information to make their job easy in safeguarding the online activities of their kids.


April 5, 2006

PC Pandora 2.0 Helps Parents Fight Online Predators

"PC Pandora runs openly or in stealth mode, and records everything done on the PC, including all instant message chats, the emails sent and received, and log in and passwords to sites like Myspace, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and others."

PC Pandora is designed to provide parents with an important tool in the ongoing fight against online predators and other Internet hazards. PC Pandora can be found at http://www.pcpandora.com.
"It's absolutely critical that parents have a realistic understanding of the dangers inherent when minors go online," says Manny Coats, Managing Partner of Pandora Corporation. "The problem is that literally anyone could be a child predator, as evidenced by the April 4 arrest of the current Homeland Security deputy press secretary. Even if you get your kids to be honest about who they are talking to online, that doesn't mean your responsibility as a parent ends there."


March 12, 2006

Pandora Corp. Donates $40,000 in Monitoring Software to Help Keep Kids Safe

"Many parents simply don't want to believe that 1 in 5 minors is approached by an adult online, But unfortunately, the fact is that this does happen, and is happening more and more every day"

Pandora Corporation (www.pcpandora.com) announces the donation of $40,000 worth of PC Pandora 3.0 copies, a software application that monitors nearly every aspect of Internet usage. Simply put, it's software you install on your PC that allows parents or other authorized adults to look at what their child is doing online, and to see what adults may be saying to that same child. Pandora Corp. has donated thousands of dollars in software to leading child safety organizations, including agencies that work with popular social networks for children such as MySpace.


March 8, 2006

Online Cheating Becomes Epidemic

"One in two people cheat on their partner. Most people never know they have been cheated on. 87% of women who suspect they are being cheated on, are correct!"

There's a 50% chance you are or have been cheated on - that's the statistic. PC Pandora, a new monitoring software with Tivo-like features, allows you to record, review, and play back everything your spouse or partner does online, including all their logins, passwords, instant messages, emails, and every web site visited. Usually, within 7 days you'll know whether your partner is being faithful or not, or whether they surf or subscribe to porn or dating sites. Your partner will never even know they were being monitored until you tell them. It's the cheapest 'private investigator' you can buy.


March 2, 2006

Online Pedophiles Beware! New Software Helps Parents Stop Online Predators Fast

"the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has received hundreds of complaints regarding MySpace.com alone"

PC Pandora, a new monitoring software with Tivo-like features allows parents to record, review, and play back everything their children do online, including all their logins, passwords, instant messages, emails, and every web site visited. Communication between a teenager and an online predator can be captured and turned over to the authorities before it's too late. For the price of a dinner out, parents who install this software on their family's PC can ensure their chiildren's online safety.


Download other recent press releases in .pdf format here:

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